About morning sunrises, still water, the mentality of the people and all the things I will miss.

Light shines through the rainy air

in Galways streets. Music is everywhere.

Every day I look at the sea,

feel my freedom and just want to be

calm and peaceful, relaxed because time

passes slowly here and that´s quite fine.

The busses take hours but still I enjoy

driving along all the stonewalls: oh boy!

I simply love sending home a good letter,

because I´m too far away from the ones that do matter.

Though I´m closer to myself than I ever was.

I appreciate that and really don´t want a pause

from learning irish, english and so much new stuff

in this colourful place, which, yes, sometimes is rough,

but I learn from that aswell. It´s easygoing and loud-

a thousand different cultures. Well I am proud

of my tiny Ireland: you are part of my heart.

You welcomed me untill the end from the start.

My dear irish friends, you won´t stay with me,

but what´s going to stay are photos and memories.

Small and cozy; The seagulls cry

and on the last day they will wave me goodbye.

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